I work with my patients to achieve tangible and measurable results. That is why during the initial visit I take the time to consult with every patient so as to establish a clear and realistic plan of care.  I want my patients to realize for themselves the very obvious and tangible benefits that Oriental medicine has to offer. Understanding what it is they can expect to get out of their wellness journey will aid in this realization. By establishing a consistent plan of care during the initial intake, my patients will be provided with a map of where they are now and where they can expect to be over the course of treatment. The plan of care will include their healthcare goals, number and frequency of treatments, an analysis of where they are today and what stands in the way of their optimum wellness. My commitment to my patients is to serve as the trail guide and navigator to get them to their ultimate destination. Every journey requires a guide and I will strive to be a secure and steadfast one.

My mission is to help individuals with health concerns to be well, so that they can enjoy doing the things they love in life. I teach patients how to invest in their health by working with their innate vitality, and by helping them establish daily life rhythms.

I foster therapeutic & healing relationships that bring forth the best of me and my patients. My mission is to support individuals in nurturing harmonious interactions in their life experiences.

I invest the time and attention necessary to really get to know my patients and to understand their biographies so that I may see them as whole and complete human beings. I make the effort to really see beyond my patients’ symptoms or diseases so that I may hold in my mind’s eye a vision of and for their wholeness.