Emily Hornback 

BS – Social Science (Portland State University – 2012)

DSOM Candidate 2017- (National University of Natural Medicine)

My name is Emily and I am a co-founder of forLoveofLife. I am passionate about helping families through acupuncture and herbal medicine. On July 1st, 2017 I will graduate from NUNM’s Doctorate of Science in Oriental Medicine program. During my five years at NUNM, I have been graced with a unique mentorship opportunity with a master clinician known for his gentle techniques. Such an approach is great for people sensitive to, or fearful of, needles. Having gone through a difficult birth with my daughter during my program, I experienced first-hand the healing power of this approach in the delicate postpartum stage. Its influence was so profound on me, that I chose to write my doctoral thesis on the benefits of gentle acupuncture treatments for women in postpartum, as well as the use of non-needle Teishin techniques for postpartum mothers and their children of all ages. A Central Oregon native since 1984, the High Desert is truly my home, and I am so blessed to be here with my wonderful family, to serve and support my community in achieving optimal health and wellness.


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