Emily Hornback 

BSSocial Science (Portland State University – 2012)

DSOM – Doctorate of Science in Oriental Medicine – (National University of Natural Medicine – 2017)

My name is Emily and I am a co-founder of forLoveofLife. I am passionate about helping families through acupuncture and herbal medicine. On July 1st, 2017 I will graduate from NUNM’s Doctorate of Science in Oriental Medicine program. During my five years at NUNM, I have been graced with a unique mentorship opportunity with a master clinician known for his gentle techniques. Such an approach is great for people sensitive to, or fearful of, needles. Having gone through a difficult birth with my daughter during my program, I experienced first-hand the healing power of this approach in the delicate postpartum stage. Its influence was so profound on me, that I chose to write my doctoral thesis on the benefits of gentle acupuncture treatments for women in postpartum, as well as the use of non-needle Teishin techniques for postpartum mothers and their children of all ages. A Central Oregon native since 1984, the High Desert is truly my home, and I am so blessed to be here with my wonderful family, to serve and support my community in achieving optimal health and wellness.


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Matthew Hornback

AAS – Massage Therapy (Central Oregon Community College – 2008)

BS – Health Science (Portland State University – 2014)

BA – Spanish (Portland State University – 2014)

DPT – Doctorate of Physical Therapy (George Fox University – 2017)

My name is Matthew and I am the other co-founder of forLoveofLife. I believe that we are here in our bodies for the very process of healing. In other words, it is your human right and your birthright to heal. Much of this process involves little understood mechanisms that are subtle and all-encompassing; much of this process surrounds our personality, and this of course is enveloped by the world that surrounds us. All of this makes healing a complicating, consuming, and seemingly dramatic effort.

I’m not talking about restoring function after a sprained ankle, although that sort of thing is certainly my formal training in the Western academic realm, and is what I get paid to do. I’m referring to a much deeper calling, the calling that every major spiritual path and religion references: that of manifesting the highest Self.

As the poet mystic Rumi said: “There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Thus there are a thousand ways to “git ‘er done”, but one sure and evidence-based path towards healing, which manifests with biologically-measurable results, is the path of Mindfulness (also known in its more colloquial form as “meditation”). In this process, one literally studies one’s Self. Through this study of quiet self-observation, one’s body clarifies, cleanses, purifies, and, yes, begins to heal. This is because, through a dedicated practice akin to Mindfulness, the neurochemical effects of stress on the body begin to normalize. Once this occurs, the body’s innate biological regenerative mechanisms lose their inhibition and can marvelously do their work.

Mindfulness and mediation as popularized through pop culture may seem as though it is only for the white, carefree, sexy, and educated. Not so. It is being used in prisons, psych facilities, and slums, for people of all walks of life, world-wide. And the best part is that it costs not a single dollar, it weighs nothing, and it’s always at your fingertips if you make time and space for it in your daily life.

Will mindfulness fix everything? NO. But it is guaranteed to improve your quality of life, lower overall stress levels, and promote a more optimal physical healing response. Through this journey, one learns about their deeper purpose, about the more subtle wisdoms inherent in life, and one often enjoys profound spiritual shifts through a deeper unfoldment of their understanding of Self. All sages and prophets have advocated: “Know thy Self.” This path does just that. I invite you to reach out and join in this effort, to become mindful of your highest potential, and become the gift that you are to the world and your community.