Life has so many twists and turns, is so frightfully unpredictable, and yet so seemingly repetitious. Reality comes and goes with the seasons. Moments come and go. People come and go. Cultures come and go. Even stars come and go. Through the great many paradoxes that define our existence, we pass through stages of deep pain, joy, desperation, and inspiration.

Life is not easy. In this school we get worked hard, and sometimes things seem too difficult to bear. But always – always – on the other side of that coin is the joy, the ebullient graciousness of contrast that allows the most frightful terrors to be followed by the gentlest of mercies. The inevitability of change and the tenacity of the human spirit bring us the courage to step onward into the next breath….

Thus here we are, through ice ages and dark ages and genocides and extinctions. We, the human race, move onward, somehow, miraculously, grasping the tattered threads of faith and hope. We endure because we celebrate, and our festivities grow bigger and more grandiose and more epic than any ever known. We endure because we celebrate the mystery of life, and because we love Her dearly.

Eventually, we, too, will come and go. But how will we greet that inevitable journey?

Celebrate every moment.

Every single moment.