Precepts for Exceptional Living

  • Life is perfect, in every way. From this bubbles forth the purest faith.
  • Everything is temporary. Everything. Live accordingly.
  • Life is short. Live accordingly. And most of all, never wish your time away. With each moment we’re one tick closer to death. Avoid “killing time.” Every moment is beyond precious, and overflowing with teachings. “There are no ordinary moments.”
  • Adversity is a teacher. Learn to embrace it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can use your experiences as a springboard for personal growth. The longer it takes you to see this, the more you suffer. The choice is yours. Walk away from self-pity. Simply don’t water that plant and it will die.
  • Commit! And stick to it. This goes for everything from exercise regimens to school, work, and family. You’ll slack at times, but pick yourself up with discipline. Strong body, soldier mind.
  • Speak only positive things about others. If it’s not constructive, avoid it. Challenge yourself to say nothing negative about others. If and when you do, you’ll be surprised to notice how little there is to talk about. Through this, your wiser self will rise, your speech will be cleaner, and your company much more enjoyable. Much pain is spread simply by talking behind people’s backs. Be a source of healing, not harming.
  • Truthful conversation is rooted in the positive. (Truth isn’t as much a matter of true and false as it is a manifestation of higher living, which is inherently honest.) When talk takes on a negative tone, falseness creeps in, rooted in fear and impatience. “Speak no evil.” By sculpting a positive conversational framework, your words will be rooted in truth.
  • If knowledge (especially science) does not humble you, it will destroy you and those around you.
  • Take time for gratitude. There is much to be thankful for. Your eyes. Your fingers. Your tongue. The list is endless, and your situation could always be worse. Be grateful that it isn’t worse. A few moments of gratitude each day can cure a thousand ills.
  • Dream, but stay rooted in the Earth. Engage creativity, but be mindful of your mind. Be mindful of your body. If you do, you can accomplish your greatest goals.
  • Let your family and friends know how much you care about them. Be direct and sincere. In the end, it’s the relationships that count.
  • Cultivate forgiveness. There is no heavier burden to bear than stubborn malevolence and unreleased grudges. They do not serve you, and they do not heal the person(s) who may have wronged you. Forgiveness heals.
  • Volunteer your time. Give it freely to others in a way that makes sense to you. Material gifts are easy to give, but time is a true sacrifice because we all lack it. We’re all rushing towards death. The experience of giving time will enrich you, soften your heart, and open your mind. In the process you’ll be taking an active step towards improving the state of the world. Everyone wins.
  • Stand in your unique power. We each have unique gifts, unique strengths. Find yours and learn to use them. If you’re having trouble finding them, simply stop looking. They’ll stare you in the face when you do. Your unique power defines your beauty. And remember, true friends accept.
  • Avoid processed foods whenever possible. If it doesn’t rot, don’t eat it because your body can’t break it down properly. If it is not of the Earth, it will turn you into something not of the Earth. You are what you eat!
  • Keep moving! In nature, the cleanest water keeps flowing. You are 60% (or so) water. If you stop moving, you get murky like a swamp.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself (with yourself)! Take life seriously, but don’t take yourself so seriously.